No matter how niche or grand your event is, our video and photo booths elevate your brand presence all while gathering valuable data. All our booths are fitted with the latest technology and state-of-the-art DSLR cameras guaranteeing stunning results that boost your brand image.

Glamdroid Robot Arm Camera Riyadh KSA

The Glamdroid

The Glamdroid produces ultra-creative visual content by combining dynamic motion with high-resolution, slow-motioned video capture. As a result, the Glamdroid creates unique experiences for memorable brand activations.

The 360°

Capture the best angle at every angle with the 360 photo booth. Equipped with an automated arm, the 360 rotates around guests to create trendy and unique content that’s ready for sharing.

360 Photo Booth Rental Riyadh KSA
180 Photobooth Hire Riyadh KSA

The 180°

When it comes to going big, the 180 photo booth is as grand as it gets. Its 11 DSLR cameras work together to create unique and magical GIFs guests will be eager to show off.

The Vending

Open a world of virtual engagement with a social vending machine that combines various digital engagement from games to photo booth, not to mention data collection and analytics. Run contests, dispense gifts and collect data in style, all while keeping your guests engaged and entertained!

Vending Machine Hire Riyadh KSA
Claw Hire Riyadh KSA

The Claw

The Claw engage with your prospects entertainingly, distribute gifts, and collect data while your guests maintain their attention to your brand. The claw is controllable from your guest's smartphone or the physical pad.

The Classic

Sleek and versatile, the Classic photo booth means business, especially when combined with the branding of your choice to raise your brand’s visibility.

Classic Photo Booth for Event in Riyadh KSA
Holo Box Hire Riyadh KSA

The Holobox

The Holobox will amazingly capture your prospects' full attention and present your new products in a futuristic manner. The ideas are endless; you can propose a live-streaming of your brand ambassador or let your guest select your product to holo from their smartphone.

The Mirror

The ultimate head turner, the Mirror photo booth is powerful and stunning. With its fully reflective 14cm slim surface, the Mirror adds glitz and glamour to any event.

Mirror Photo Booth Rental Riyadh KSA
Go Photo Booth Hire Riyadh KSA

The Roaming

Looking for a more flexible, dynamic option to capture great moments at your events? Look no further than Goboothme photo booth, an award-winning roaming photo booth that can go anywhere you want to, collecting data and generating results along the way.

Add ons

We’ve adapted to changing times faster than you can say “cheese!” By combining our on ground and online add-ons with our creative mindset and technical expertise, all our solutions can be adapted to the virtual world. We can also create and customize unique experiences to match your specific needs and events.

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